Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Misfortunates

The Misfortunates
The Misfortunates

Dimitri Verhulst

ISBN: 978-1-250-03516-5

October 2013

5 Stars

*I received this ARC copy through goodreads first reads*

Dimmy is young when his mother leaves and his father moves them in with his grandmother and three uncles. Sobriety is a bad word in their house and Dimmy has to navigate his adolescent years among unapologetic alcoholics and chaotic relationships.  It is expected for Dimmy to follow in their footsteps but life could always pass on an opportunity if he’s willing to take it.

As someone who has seen loved ones battle the disease of alcoholism this novel felt familiar in some ways. A lot of readers will be able to relate on some level which makes this a subject that will never get worn out.  I almost felt guilty for liking some of the characters or finding their antics funny, but comedy can help swallow a bitter pill as long as the importance is not pushed aside. I am not going to get too wordy because this is novel is really about personal taste more so than some. I will recommend this one but I will say that if you cannot read comic antics along with alcoholism it might not be the right fit. The author in no way diminishes alcoholism in my opinion.

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