Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Herald

The Herald: The Sundering, Book VI
The Herald (The Sundering #6)

Ed Greenwood

ISBN: 9780786964604

June 2014

*This is a review of an uncorrected galley I received from netgalley*

4 Stars

Since this is the final book in a series I will not include a synopsis to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

I had a hard time deciding on how many stars I should give this one. The book and I got started on a bad foot, but that had nothing to do with the author. The galley was formatted badly and that proved frustrating and made it hard to get yanked into the story. 

The one complaint I have with the story is that it felt cluttered in high action areas.  I found myself back tracking here and there to make sure that I was grasping everything and not missing anything important.  There’s a lot of characters and action to keep track of and it can be distracting.  Other than that, all of the elements are entertaining and enjoyable. The characters are memorable, some even humorous, and I found myself invested in their personal stories. There’s a lot of intense action that keeps the pace quick and compliments each characters’ individual strengths and weaknesses.  The relationships only improve the plot and are fun to read.  Needless to say I really enjoyed this book.

This whole series is one that I recommend, especially to fantasy fans.  Obviously this book is the conclusion and I suggest reading it last even if the other installments aren’t read in order.  



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