Sunday, January 26, 2014

Moth and Spark

Moth and Spark

Anne Leonard


Moth and Spark
February 2014

5 Stars

*I received this uncorrected proof from Penguin First to Read*

Prince Corin has been given the task of freeing the dragons from the Empire’s hold along with being entrusted with some of their magic. Tam, a commoner and daughter of a respected doctor, has the gift of visions. Falling in love at a time of war wasn’t expected, especially by two people who were not allowed to be together but their feelings are too strong to be denied. Like their love, the war will lead them to lean on each other and while they learn their own places in the bigger picture. With help from wizards and dragon riders Corin and Tam might discover more than they thought possible.

This is one of those stories that I am heartbroken that I finished reading. There are so many positive things to point out that I will never do it justice.  Dragons are always a plus for me so I was really excited about their presence and the way they are depicted.  Action wasn’t abundant early on but there’s plenty later on. That fact is one I appreciated in this story because there are so many other great elements like the dragons and magic that some of the story might have been jeopardized if it had been. It ended up coming together very fluidly making the pace feel flawless. There’s also a beautiful love story and a touching focus on family that a lot of readers’ can relate to.

I would recommend this to anyone. There really is something for everyone. This one is perfect for readers’ who may be intimidated by fantasy novels with numerous characters or abundant page numbers too. This novels is definitely on my favorites list.

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