Sunday, September 8, 2013



Matt Greene

ISBN: 978-0-345-54519-0

August 2013

*I won this ARC copy via goodreads.*

4.5 Stars

While recovering from brain surgery twelve year old Alex starts to take notice that the people around him are acting more strangely than usual. Written in stream of consciousness this novel follows Alex through his investigations not only of people but also of life in general.  Between his father’s Thursday night disappearances and his mother’s mysterious darkroom Alex finds that sometimes it’s not always easy to accept the truth.

First of all I will say that even after waiting a bit I am still on the fence between four and five stars.  I won’t even mention what I didn’t like because I may after more time decide it wasn’t worth pondering at all.  This is another one of those books that got me researching the facts tossed here and there throughout so I learned a few things and that’s always exciting for me. I even bothered my husband endlessly and he will be so relieved that I finished it. The humor is abundant enough to balance the rough spots which only made this book better. I recommend this novel wholeheartedly as it has something for everyone.

P.S. I do think it’s important to mention that even though this is a coming of age type of plot there are some very mature topics in which I have seen other reviewers mention.  Yes, I was shocked by some things but I have heard and seen worse on animated television shows. 


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