Monday, August 5, 2013

The Deepest Night

The Deepest Night (The Sweetest Dark #2)

Shana Abe

ISBN: 978-0-345-53173-5

August 2013

*I received this uncorrected galley from NetGalley*

4 Stars
The Deepest Night (The Sweetest Dark, #2)
As this is a sequel in a series I will not be writing a synopsis for fear of unintentionally giving away spoilers for those who have not read the first book.

Romance is not very important to me in literature so I didn’t expect romance to be one of the big reasons that I like this series so much.  It’s the eternal, tortured and dysfunctional type of love story which is my favorite kind.  The plot is full of action and adventure that kept me on my toes, but there were a couple of slow spots that didn’t seem necessary. There is a flow to the majority (the same with the first book) that I can only describe as almost melodic.  Its due in part to the language but mostly it’s the author’s descriptiveness. Those two things combined make it a pleasant read.

This is a series that I will continue to read and I recommend it as it has a lot to offer.

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