Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty Dark Nothing

Pretty Dark Nothing (Pretty Dark Nothing, #1)
Pretty Dark Nothing

Heather L. Reid

ISBN: 978-0-9853278-1-1

April 2013

4 Stars

*This review is from an uncorrected galley I received through NetGalley*

I decided not to write a synopsis for this one because there is no way to do so without it sounding like a lot of other YA books out there.  Yes, there is everything one would expect to find in a young adult romance novel: romance, family dysfunction, and school drama. What set this novel apart are the darker aspects like mental illness, suicide, and the paranormal.

The reason this book didn’t get five stars is that if you take away the darker and creepy aspects it is pretty typical young adult fiction. There are a lot of dark young adult novels out there as well but this one dug its claws in and didn’t want to let go.  The protagonist, Quinn, questions her mental stability throughout the novel and I doubted right along with her.  I struggled with Aaron as he struggled with his past and unrelenting heartache.  Even the normal attributes to young adult fiction that I mentioned earlier were darker which made it more interesting.  I definitely recommend this novel, especially if you are looking for something a little different.

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