Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nobody's Secret

Nobody's Secret
Nobody’s Secret

Michaela MacColl

ISBN: 978-1-4521-0860-5

April 2013

*This is an ARC copy I received via library thing*

4 Stars

In 1845 Emily Dickinson is just fifteen and already feels the monotony of a domesticated lifestyle.  While waiting for some kind of excitement to enter her life she meets a handsome young man who knows nothing about her or her family for a change.  He’s a mystery that she finds surprising and she wants to keep their new friendship a secret. The mystery of his identity, however, turns Emily’s life upside down when his body is found in her pond and she has to race the clock to not only find out who is he but also how he died.

As far as a mystery goes this one was pretty predictable, which would be my one complaint. This being a book for young adults’ I would expect more to the mystery and this reads more like a mystery for a middle readers’ (which I am also a fan of).

Otherwise I really enjoyed this.  There’s a tad bit of everything a good story needs plus a tad bit of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. I could absolutely envision the author’s Emily as the real life Ms. Dickinson that I have read about in the past.  This novel seems well researched and the author provides the reader with titles for further reading if they are so inclined. The characters, along with the plot, make this a quick and enjoyable read. Even though there is a little bit of dark mixed in it’s ultimately a feel good story.  This one will definitely generate some interest into an amazing writer and poet.


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