Thursday, January 24, 2013

Took me back

Tell The Wolves I'm Home      4Stars!

I finished this one last night and I started missing the protagonist, June, right away.  The characters in this book were so vivid and it was easy to get involved in their lives.  I could see myself playing in the woods with June or even playing Dungeons and Dragons with Ben.  There was so much involvement that I was worried I would wake my husband with my sobs at the end.
The plot was amazing and something that will stay with me for a long time to come.  There were a couple of slow spots in the beginning but once I got past those it was smooth and stayed at a steady pace.
I was very young when the talk of AIDS started and I lived in tiny towns that had no diversity to speak of.  Our news came from the city an hour away so what we knew about it was very generalised and stereotyped. It was a city disease (in most peoples minds) and even in my teens (the early 90's) no one seemed overly concerned.  The big problems for us was pregnancy and herpes.  When I was 16 and a family member working for a home health agency had an AIDS scare with a patient it hit us hard right in the face.  Our small town couldn't shield us.  This book reminded me about how naive people can be and still are. 
I will recommend this one to everyone and will most likely buy a copy so I can read it again.

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